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Stellazzurra Basketball Academy at EYBL Central Europe U14

Pubblicato il Lunedì 16 Marzo 2015 - EYBL / EGBL


The team founded by the synergy with Basket Bassano, Mens Sana 1871, CAP Genova, Pallacanestro  Grosseto, in addition of course of Stella Azzurra and supported by Orange1, International Company of great value, is going to face to the stage of EYBL that will be held in Szolnok in Hungary during the days of March 20-21-22.

The Italian team obtained 4 wins in 4 matches played in last edition and it is first in the general ranking.  In the second phase will face to Alba Berlin, another unbeaten team, Cibona Zagreb, the DK Basketball Academy and the Vasas Academy of Budapest, also unbeaten. In this second stage the team will be coached by Giovanni Baiardo, young coach of Stella Azzurra.

The goal is to reach the SuperFinals that will be held in Riga in Lithuania from 30 of April to May the 3rd.

The opinion of Stellazzurra Basketball Academy DS Giacomo Rossi:
"At the first stage we were without reference points, but at the second experience we know a little bit better our future opponents. For example we will face against Alba Berlin and Cibona Zagreb with a very good tradition, and in addition to DK Basketball Academy and the Vasas  Academy that works hard with their players.  
What does it mean play against those teams?
"The Stage in Kaunas is definitely of an higher level, ranking explain that. The formula provides that only the top two teams will go through to SuperFinals so we will play for the access at the final stage. Teams are very different one from each other, but all dreadful. And that's for this that will be a beautiful stage. High level of basketball and an important issue at stake. I think we got all the right ingredients to have great incitements."
What about the new formula?
"The two top teams in the Group CE will access to SuperFinals in addition of these will access the best three of the other two groups plus the U14 clubs that will organize the Event too. The target is to reach the SuperFinals together with the first six of the 2001 EYBL Eastern Europe. It would be very nice to be there."
This team is a synergy between several teams (Stella Azzurra Basketball Bassano, Mens Sana 1871, CAP Genoa, Basketball Grosseto) what does it means for the growth of these guys and what about the project itself?
"As I said this synergy is the real success of the EYBL. I believe this kind of competitions are just an incentive for clubs to bind together to take part in something different, doing things that individually would be difficult to do. Guys, from this kind of experience, will obtain something that is uncomparable with anything else.
What about tactics and strategies?
"The only thing that for sure is common to all the players is not technical, but about character: the enthusiasm. And that will be our weapon. During the first leg the guys became a truly team. Tactically it will be hard to find the right alchemy, but I think that a full court defence and a counterattack run  will be ones of the hallmarks of Stellazzurra Basketball Academy in this second stage ".

 Schedule of second Stage:
20 marzo 2015, ore 12.00: Stellazzurra Basketball Academy – Alba Berlino
20 marzo 2015, ore 18.00: Stellazzurra Basketball Academy – DK Basketball Academy
21 marzo 2015, ore 11.30: Cibona Zagabria – Stellazzurra Basketball Academy
22 marzo 2015, ore 17.00: Vasas Academy Budapest – Stellazzurra Basketball Academy


Schedule and results:$f&team=4610761