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EYBL U14, Stellazzurra Basketball Academy traveling to Riga at the SuperFinal

Pubblicato il Martedì 28 Aprile 2015 - EYBL / EGBL



From April 30 to May 3, Stellazzurra Basketball Academy U14 will be involved at Superfinal EYBL in Riga. The DS of Stellazzurra, Giacomo Rossi, talked about the event and project.

What is expected from these Superfinal and what about the bracket?

"Our path will not be easy because we will play against the best teams of various groups Under14 that took place in Europe this year. The formula involves two teams already qualified for the semifinals, which are the Lithuanian Basketball School Perkunas and the Russians CSKA Moscow. The other two semi-finalists will be the winners of two mini rounds. We'll have to meet in our debut BS Trinta and then the winner between Dynamo Moscow and Tartu Rock. All matches are knockout matches. The first two games will be played on the same day, so it will not be easy to retake full energy. We know it will be hard but at the same time we are confident that the enthusiasm of being able to try to win this title is bigger than anything else. "

What will be instead the strategies to get the best result?

"Unfortunately we have some injured player and it is unfortunate especially because all the guys that we have deployed in previous internships would deserve this final showcase. However the characteristics of our team are the same as always: aggressiveness in defense and counterattack. It's obvious that there will be teams most physical than us and it will not be easy, especially because the control of the rebounds will not be granted. We will have to fight for every ball. "

So which team is the favourite to win the final?

"At the beginning of the the season Dynamo Moscow and CSKA Moscow were considered the favourites, and in my opinion they have confirmed their status. But in the end the regular season showed that our team and the Perkunas can get to the top.  Personally I also liked the team of Budapest. However the fact that the games are knockout way and  any kind of prediction is useless, each match will be a final. "

Finally, which are the conclusions about the project developed under the aegis of Stellazzurra Basketball Academy?

"About that I want to thank the availability of clubs of players that are part of this adventure. Starting from the 'historical' Basketball Bassano, Cap Genoa, Grosseto and POL Basketball Mens Sana until Petrarca Padova which was added at the end. Allowing these kids to experience something new, at least in Italy, it was important. And above all, we were pleased to see that at the return from each Stage, the memories of certain situations, on and off the court, have remained in the minds of all of them. We Hope that at the end of this trip to Riga there is another nice moment to remember forever ... "


Stellazzurra Basketball Academy will take debut against the russians of Trinta on 1 May at 12.00 local time and in case of victory will meet the winner between Dinamo Moscow and Tartu Rock. In case of further victory, on may 2, will be the challenge in the semifinals with Perkunas, already qualified, and the eventually the Final in 3 may.


The complete schedule and results can be followed at the following link