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U14's of the Stellazzurra Academy reach the second place at the Vasas Cup 2013

Pubblicato il Lunedì 30 Settembre 2013 -

The Under 14's of the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy led by Coach Carducci win for the second consecutive year a prestigious second place at the 2013 Vasas Cup, which was held in Budapest September 26th to 29th, 2013, thus opening the international season that will lead our Academy in the most important courts in Europe. The Academists were confronted with very high level teams from all over Europe winning respectively with the Croatians of the Cibona Zagreb, the Hungarians of the Academy of Vasas and the Serbs of Belgrade KK Flash while the only defeat came against the Lithuanians of Sabonis Basketball Center , the final winners of the event. Another great satisfaction came from individual awards with Vladimir Rajacic that was inserted in the second best five players while Frederick Miaschi and Matteo Laganà were included in the best five players of the tournament.

Here are the stats of the Academists:


Stellazzurra Basketball Academy - BC Sabonis 69-73

Stella: Laganà 12, Bargnesi 7, Dinoi 2, Favali 4, Rajacic 8, Miaschi 20, Pedemonte, Di Francesco 4, Palumbo 8, Capelli 1, Ugolini. Fioramonti 1, Rinaldi 2. All: Carducci


Stellazzurra Basketball Academy - BC Flash Beograd 57-51

Stella: Laganà 7, Bargnesi 6, Dinoi 9, Favali 8, Rajacic 11, Miaschi 4, Pedemonte, Di Francesco 2, Palumbo 4, Capelli 3, Fioramonti 3, Rinaldi. All: Carducci


Stellazzurra Basketball Academy - Cibona Zagreb 83-51

Stella: Miaschi 16, Favali 4, Rinaldi 2, Pedemonte 5, Bargnesi 6, Ugolini 5, Palumbo 5, Rajacic 15, Laganà 9, Fioramonti 4, Dinoi 8, Di Francesco 4. All: Carducci


Stellazzurra Basketball Academy- Vasas Academy 90-51

Stella: Laganà 23, Ugolini 3, Bargnesi 2, Rajacic 15, Palumbo 9, Rinaldi 5, Fioramonti 4, Pedemonte 2, Miaschi 16, Favali 4, Di Francesco 5, Dinoi 3. All: Carducci


Here the final chart of the competition:

1) Sabonis Basketball Center 

2) Stellazzurra Basketball Academy

3) Vasas Academy

4) Cibona Zagreb

5) KK Flash Belgrado