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The 2015/16 season Stella Azzurra Movie: and the best is yet to come

Pubblicato il Venerdì 1 Luglio 2016 - Tournaments and Experiences

Who was it had seen during our Grand Gala Wednesday evening "Night Under the Star...". Who was not there will have the chance to see it now. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the 2015/16 season Stella Azzurra & Stellazzurra Basketball Academy's Movie, told through the identity values ​​of "stellina" galaxy.

We will also have won three league titles and won 5 podiums in the Italian National Finals Youth within the last 3 seasons, we also won a stage Euroleague U18 and we even got to play the Final Eight in Madrid, we will be also graduates of the EYBL U16 European Champions, we have also achieved the permanence in Serie B championship with a team average age under 17 years, we have also produced and launched many players on the national and international scene, but remember: the best is yet to come!

#madeinStella #stellanation #stellafamily #stellainternational #thankstoallofyou #daje

Ps: thanks to our coach and exceptional filmmaker Giovanni Baiardo for the video realization.