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Stellazzurra Academy flies to the Superfinal in Tallinn: reached the qualification to the final round in the last Polish stage of the U16 men competition

Pubblicato il Lunedì 11 Aprile 2016 - EYBL / EGBL

 Stellazzurra Basketball Academy managed to qualify for the U16M EYBL Superfinal that will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. Last weekend in Przemysl, Poland, the EYBL U16 men's team led by Lorenzo Gandolfi achieved the main objective of the third and final stage of the tournament, which was to qualify.


Before the final stage of the European Youth Basketball League, Stellazzurra Basketball Academy were ranked fourth in the general standing with 7 wins and 3 defeats, which were played in the previous two rounds of the tournament in St. Petersburg and Sopot. To qualify for the finals they needed to finish within the top six positions of the general standing at the end of this Stage III. Stellazzurra won the first game against the Latvian side VEF Riga (63-58) and lost the next three games in a row against the other Latvian teams BS Riga (58-62) and DSN Riga (49-80) as well as the team ranked first Visi Kartu Vilnius from Lithuania (62-77). Therefore it all depended on the last game, which they won against the Polish side Trefl Sopot: Stellazzurra dominated the second half scoring the 23 points advantage shown on the scoreboard at the end of the game, 65-42. The players were focused even in such a crucial game, especially the performances of Djordje Pazin and Paul Eboua: the Serbian guard (in the pic, during the match against Trefl Sopot) scored 25 points in 28’, 4/7 three pointers, with an overall tournament average of 15.2 points in 21.8’ (9/23 three pointers) and 2 rebounds per game; the Cameroonian small forward (in the belowed pic) made it to double figures of 15+10 rebounds, with a tournament average of 12.8 points+5.8 rebounds in 17.2’, and celebrating the news of being selected for the 2016 Jordan Brand ClassicMattia Palumbo was the third top scorer of the team with 9.0 points in 18.2’. Even for this third stage of the U16M EYBL Stellazzurra Academy were reinforced with a few players from Basket Bassano and ScuBa Frosinone, as well as being supported by its sponsors Orange1 Group and Mollificio Bordignon.


In all three stages of the tournament Stellazzurra won a total of 9 games and lost 6, which placed them 6th in the general standing allowing them to qualify. The other teams who have qualified for the Final Eight alongside Stellazzurra are Visi Kartu Vilnius, winner of the regular season, Birziai, DSN Riga, Valmieras and Trefl Sopot, as well as the host team Kalev Tallinn and the three winners of Division II, the Belgian VBL Brussels, the Finnish BC MuKi and the Hungarian Szolnoki Olaj. The Superfinal in Tallinn is scheduled for April 28th to May 1st.     


Below you will find the fixtures and results of the final stage games played by Stellazzurra Academy in Przemysl, chronologically from the last game to the first, as well as the final standing of the regular season of U16M EYBL Division I:


STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY – UKS 7 TREFL SOPOT 65-42 (16-5, 27-27, 52-35)

STELLAZZURRA: Bargnesi 3, Incitti, Bartoli, Borsetto, Pazin 25, Palumbo 9, Harrison Ole 9, Da Campo L., Eboua 15, Bovo, Rinaldi 4. N.e.: Ianelli. Coach: Gandolfi; assistants: Pauletto, Napolitano.

TREFL: Kolka 7, Walda 13, Pawlak 3, Chojeta, Pulkotycki 4, Groth 2, Mochnacz 11, Lonski 2, Bronk. N.e.: Malinowski, Sobol.


DSN RIGA – STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY 80-49 (21-9, 33-25, 59-39)

DSN RIGA: Gertners 6, Balodis 2, Krumins 2, Berzins R. 13, Salenieks 24, Katlaps, Ratseps 6, Zagars 25, Zvagulis, Hermanis 2.

STELLAZZURRA: Bargnesi 2, Incitti 2, Fracassa 2, Bartoli 10, Borsetto 2, Pazin 13, Palumbo, Harrison Ole 6, Da Campo L., Eboua 2, Bovo 4, Rinaldi 6. Coach: Gandolfi; Assistants: Pauletto, Napolitano.



STELLAZZURRA: Bargnesi 10, Incitti 2, Fracassa 2, Bartoli, Borsetto 4, Pazin 14, Palumbo 11, Harrison Ole 2, Da Campo L. 2, Eboua 13, Bovo, Rinaldi 2. Coach: Gandolfi; Assistants: Pauletto, Napolitano.

VILNIUS: Turlajus, Nasvytis 3, Rutkauskas 9, Adomavicius 27, Balciunas 2, Giedraitis 21, Raizys 3, Jurevicius, Naimovicius 5, Norkus 5, Vachninas 2, Raudonius.


BS RIGA – STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY 62-58 (17-18, 28-28, 39-42)

BS RIGA: Logins, Miglienieks 17, Vartins, Berzins N. 5, Berzins T. 2, Lucis 11, Snipke 19, Sefers 8. N.e.: Dirins, Sepilovs, Lielkalnjanis.

STELLAZZURRA: Bargnesi 7, Incitti 5, Fracassa, Bartoli, Borsetto, Pazin 10, Palumbo 9, Harrison Ole 6, Eboua 20, Bovo, Rinaldi 1. Coach: Gandolfi; assistants: Pauletto, Napolitano.


STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY – VEF RIGA 63-58 (13-15, 31-29, 47-44)    

STELLAZZURRA: Bargnesi 6, Incitti, Fracassa 4, Ianelli, Borsetto, Pazin 14, Palumbo 16, Harrison Ole 8, Da Campo L., Eboua 14, Bovo, Rinaldi 1. Coach: Gandolfi; assistants: Pauletto, Napolitano.

VEF: Zomerfelds 17, Berkis 9, Petersons 11, Rusins, Linis 6, Emsins 13, Dambenieks 2.





1 – VISI KARTU VILNIUS (LTU) won 14 – lost 1

2 – DSN RIGA (LTV) 13-2

3 – BIRZIAI (LTU) 11-4

4 – VALMIERAS (LTV) 10-5

5 – TREFL SOPOT (POL) 10-5


7 – TARTU ROCK (EST) 8-7


9 – KEILA KK (EST) 7-8

10 – BS RIGA (LTV) 7-8




14 – VEF RIGA (LTV) 4-11





Here you can find the full photogallery of the U16M EYBL Stage III