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Coach Cebedzic "Stellazzurra is the top"

Pubblicato il Martedì 6 Agosto 2013 -

We had a fast conversation with Coach Dusan Cebedzic from KK Flash Beograd after one of his experience here at Stellazzurra Academy:

What do you think of the project of the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy to focus on both the basketball side as well as the academic side of a player and in general of the project that was born from the Stella Azzurra as a whole?

I think it is fantastic idea , in modern time you need to think about everything if you want to succeed . If you want to get the best player of the world in your town in your academy , you need to provide players with something different , you need to be unique , to offer some new ideas , not just the best work , the education is very important in creating leaders , if you want to make a good player in modern time you need to improve his mind , his skils , his body and that's everything the academy provides to young prospects

What do you think are the most important aspects in the growth of a young basketball player?

A player needs to be talented , but today in modern basketball it's very important that the player is also talented to work , without hard work a prospect player cant express all of his talent . A player needs to be dedicated to his work , focused on new things and be prepared to change himself if it is needed

It 's almost a year that you work with the staff of the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy, what were your impressions of the technical staff and the environment of the guest house ?

I like people who are dedicated to their work , and I found that kind of people in the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy ... Guest rooms have everything that a young player needs for normal life

The next year one of your players will wear the jersey of the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy, what can you tell us about him?

He is 1999 generation , 2m playmaker, one of the best players in Serbia of that age , fantastic understanding of basketball , change rhythm of a game , strong dribbling , born leader , good person . I am very proud that I had the opportunity to work with such a player .Coaches in Serbia very often compare his play style with one of the best Serbian player ever , Dejan Bodiroga