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Basketball Without Borders, closing day

Pubblicato il Venerdì 6 Giugno 2014 - General News

NBA's Basketball Without Borders, hosted by Stella Azzurra, closed the 5° of June. Guys complete in the morning the 3 point contest, selecting the two players tha will shot for winner during the All Star Game. At the end of the morning, after some athletic test, has been named the 20 players that would take part at the All Star Game, began early in the afternoon.

Players were divided into two teams, one in BLUE shirt and the other in WHITE. At the end of the match won BLUE team scoring 72 points against 60. During the half time took place the three point contest final tha closed with the victory of russian Timofey Yakushin. The camp's MVP award went instead to the french Luc Loubaki and always another french, won the award for MVP of the All Star Game, Stephane Gombauld.


To host this event, for Stella Azzurra, meant add another important element in the daily work, which aims to give young talents the opportunity to compete with bigger realities of international basketball, having, for the occasion, 3 boys 'stellini' : La Torre, selected for the All-Star Game, Maslinko and Radonjic of under17.