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Rintch Basketball Academy in Rome

Pubblicato il Mercoledì 20 Febbraio 2013 - Tournaments and Experiences


The Stellazzurra Basketball Academy was happy to host in the last week Rintch Basketball Academy, one of the most important basketball academies from Norway. This was a very important experience because it was possible  to have a confrontation between two different ways of doing basketball and at the end of a week of hard training, the team of Coach Ikotela Rintch faced the U16 and U18 teams of the Stellazzurra Academy in two tough friendly matches. These are the thoughts of the head coach of the Rintch Academy after this important experience: "I am very happy about this opportunity and I am especially glad that my players can have this experience here in Rome. I believe that this is the highest level with which to compare, and I think it is the level at which we all aspire. Personally I learned a lot this week, because I believe that here at Stellazzurra Academy there are top level coaches that prepare every training session perfectly and take care of every detail. I hope to continue to work with the Stellazzurra Academy because the way they work really helps the growth of young prospects  and helps them to create opportunities for their future. After that I have known the stellazzurra I am sure that the future is brighter because I believe in this project ". 

Also Germano D'Arcangeli, the Stellazzurra Academy's chief, was very satisfied with this experience: " We have had the opportunity to know another way of doing basketball and we have compared with Rintch Academy under every single aspect. We are at the beginning of a project and we want to expand our horizons as much as possible, trying every possibility and not denying us any new chance. Furthermore I want to say I am very excited about the future cooperation with the Rintch Academy and I'm sure this thing will enrich us a lot and help us to improve"