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Stellazzurra Basketball Academy lands in Europe, it's time for EYBL!!!

Pubblicato il Venerdì 9 Maggio 2014 - EYBL / EGBL


Stellazzurra Basketball Academy lands in Europe. For the first time in history an Italian team will take part in a european youth league: for the season 2014/15, Stellazzurra put over the last wild card (last for two season) to take part in “European Youth Basketball League”. The League, sponsored by FIBA Europe and well known in Europe , is actually a without borders youth league.


Founded in Riga (Latvia) in 1998 with the aim to set before the best russian and baltic school of basket, it is developed with a yearly admittance of a prestigious club as to became a real showcase for the most important european talent. Teams comes from sixteen different countries: Belarus , Denmark, Estonia , Finland, Hungary , Kazhakistan , Latvia, Lithuania , Luxembourg, Poland , Russia, Spain , Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and finally Italy too.


The innovative formula provides for each category 24 European teams who will compete from October 23, 2014 up to the FinalFour held in Saratov (Russia) on May 21-24, 2015.
The Stellazzurra Basketball Academy has joined with the Under 16 category (born in 1998 and following) and was admitted in Division 1 in group with: Budapest (Hungary), Stockholm (Sweden) and Lahti (Finland). The formula also includes intersections with the teams of other groups,  including the most valuable Sabonis School Kaunas, CSKA Moscow, Khimki Moscow, Saratov and Bs Avtodov Riga. The debut “stellino” will be right in Riga on 23 of October.


“Finally, our dreams and our needs are greeted by this magnificent project - says coach Germano D'Arcangeli - be one of the first teams in Western Europe to take part in the EYBL is for us a new way to walk through. During the last two years we’ve made many efforts to bring our teams and our best talents to compete with other european basketball schools by tournaments and on tours. Now, however, we will take part in a real league that will last for eight months. It will be a huge effort but the opportunity to improve our players, in our opinion, it’s the most important thing at the moment. On that perspective we’re thinking about the opportunity to partecipate with other teams too, for example the under15 team (born in 2000). We will have meetings with leaders of the League over and over again just, to evaluate if there will be that chance as early as next season.”


"That League it’s all we needed – says the DS Giacomo Rossi – at the moment, in addition to taking part at  the Euroleague circuit for NJIT and partecipating at many tournaments all over the Europe, we can take part at the EYBL. Now it's like to plan a european season, as for a youth Euroleague or Eurocup. Moreover, in countries where basketball is emerging and the level is high. There’s no more geographical and rules boundaries. Younger players can play in older leagues, italians or foreigners anyway, finally we can focus on game. Our guys will have a unique chance, it’s what we think about that. I think that this kind of tournament could be the right future for the ones who works in an international sphere.”