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Cucci, the brave captain

Pubblicato il Sabato 10 Agosto 2013 - General News

Valerio Cucci, pillar of the Stellazzurra, played this summer in the Under-18 European Championships with the Italian national team, finishing the event in the tenth place. We exchanged a few words with the player before  the next season which will see him starring in the league of DNG and DNB

What were your emotions when you stepped on the court with the Italian National Team in an event so important and especially what is it like being the captain of the Italian U18?

When you wear that shirt the emotions that you feel is indescribable. It is not the usual phrase made especially for me. I think the dream of every child, of every player is to play for the national team. I succeeded, and above all I have done so as captain of it. Being captain of the national means representing in person, together with your teammates, something that is bigger than you, Italy.

How do you judge the results achieved during these Europeans?

I honestly am not very satisfied. I believe that our position does not reflect our full potential, [and I'm saying this] without trying to sound superb. To think that we played on par with Turkey, the European champion, having played until the last second with Croatia, vice-champion of Europe and beating Latvia which ranked as fourth gives you a bit of regret for the final result. At the same time there's great desire to start again, as always, better than before.

Who do you dedicate this important personal goal?

I dedicate it to my niece, my aunt to whom I send a big kiss and my family. I know you are with me at all times even if not physically close to me in any way. I dedicate it to Stella Azzurra who believed in me, I dedicate it to the friends that "because" of basketball I can't see that much.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season with the Stellazzurra?

I really don't know what they are. I hope to grow together with my friends every day as a player and as a person. Set a goal for ourselves together and do everything possible to reach it. As always, let's go Stella!