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Lazar Nikolic and Njegos Sikiras are ready for a great season

Pubblicato il Venerdì 30 Agosto 2013 - General News

From  Bosnia the talented Njegos Sikiras (PF, 6'8'', 1999) and from Serbia Lazar Nikolic (PG, 6'7'', 1999) will arrive to reinforce U15 and U17 rosters, they are among the best european prospects of their age and will be ready to become aces of the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy:

1) First name and family name?

Lazar: Lazar Nikolic

Njegos: Njegos Sikiras

2) Where do you come from?

Lazar: Serbia, Belgrade

Njegos: Pale, Bosnia

3) How long have you been playing basketball and how did you start playing?

Lazar: I play basketball for 4 years now I saw my brother playing and I wanted to give it a try

Njegos: Year and a half, my sister told me to try it

4) How did you know about Stella Azzurra Basketball Academy?

Lazar: I was on tournament in Budapest i and i was playing for Stella

Njegos: I played on a tournament in a Budapest for Bosnia and my opponent was Stella

5) Why did you choose Stella Azzurra Basketball Academy?

Lazar: Because it has all things that you need in a life and coaches and players are the best

Njegos: Because its the best basketball Academy in Europe

6) What do you know about Italy?

Lazar: Nothing

Njegos: Nothing

7) What are you characteristics as player?

Lazar: I love to play for team 

Njegos: I think I can be a elite player but I have to train a lot

8) What is your biggest dream?

Lazar: To play in NBA

Njegos: To be a famous player

9) What is your favourite dish?

Lazar: Pancakes

Njegos: Sarma

10) Favourite movie?

Lazar: "White man cant jump"

Njegos: "Parada"

11) Favourite book?

Lazar: I don't have a favourite book

Njegos: "Gvozdeni rov"

12) Favourite artist?

Lazar: Kanye West

Njegos: Lil Wayne

13) One word to describe you on the court

Lazar: Leader 

Njegos: Big heart

14) One word to describe me off the court

Lazar: Friendly

Njegos: Good man