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Stellazzurra Basketball Academy female team won the Inter-Nations Tournament

Pubblicato il Lunedì 18 Maggio 2015 - Tournaments and Experiences


Stellazzurra Baskteball Academy U17 female team won the Inter-Nations Tournament 2015 in Geneva.
The tournament was held in 16 and 17 May and, in addition to the Italian team, take part at it  the Spanish team CB Tres Cantos, the Swiss Meyrin Basket and Croatian BC Radivoj Korac teams.

In the first part of the tournament Stellazzurra gained 3 wins in as many matches: 70 to 33 against Meyrin Basket; 70 to 39 against Tres Cantos and 63 to 36 against BC Radivoj Korac .In the Final against CB Tres Cantos, Stellazzurra Basketball Academy coached by Campobasso, obtained the victory  by 67 to 57 at the end of an intense and exciting game.

This tournament brings additional experience in the luggage of the "stelline"  in the journey to the next National Finals, won after an excellent Interzona.