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Stellazzurra Basketball Academy host the champion of foot race Marco De Luca

Pubblicato il Sabato 24 Gennaio 2015 - General News


On Saturday, within the project Laboratorio Academy coordinated by sports psychologist Barbara Rossi, has been guest of Stellazzurra Basketball Academy the foot race champion Marco De Luca . The athlete, currently the best Italian foot racer, shared his experience of sports, talking about  techniques to better manage stress and fatigue, even from mental and physical point of view.

They talked about several themes: the consistency in training, the desire to engage and be focused on the goal, but also the management of crises. The message has been: 'never give up, always aim to improve, even when you are young or a professionist athlete’. Fundamental his appeal to never use doping or cheating of another kind.

"For an athlete, in any sport, it's very important get the chance to work as well as on physical training or on mental training - said De Luca at the end of the appointment - moments like this, where they can share experiences of this kind, are fundamental to boys that aspire to became professional players, as in Stellazzurra Basketball Academy. That never happened to me and I have to say that it would help me, especially from an emotional point of view. I had a bad run at  Olympics Game just for the thrill and maybe if I had shared such experiences with other athletes I could do better. Mine is an individual sport, but there are many things in common. Although the sport of basketball is a teamsport, the individual aspect has always its importance. Believe in yourself helps the team to achieve the goal and to always give the best of themselves helps to give the best in the group. "

That was the first of two events dedicated to the hard work and the ability to handle it. The next one will be held on Tuesday when players of Academy will be engaged in an interesting path of a roman Urban Trekking.