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Coach Giorgio Valli host of the Academy

Pubblicato il Venerdì 26 Aprile 2013 - General News

Last week the Academy had the pleasure of hosting Giorgio Valli, that has sat on important Seria A benches such as Ferrara, Montegranaro and Avello. It was a very important encounter for our coaches, and for all of our players that took part in the demonstational training of Coach Valli.



What were your impressions and did you like your stay at the Stella Azzurra?

“I already had a small taste during the last season when they hosted the Nike event with Kobe Bryant where I had the opportunity of meeting Germano D'Arcangeli and all of the staff of the Stella Azzurra more in-depth. I think that the passion this club puts in anything is really unique, they're very proud of the emblem they wear, a positive spirit that makes sure we all do something positive for this club.”

What do you think of the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy project?

“I think it's a very courageous thing to do in times like this and at the same time with all the human and organising resources and most of all with the amazing coaches they have, I'm sure that it will be a great success, and I think that there is potential to do good and most of all to do something really important to make young talents rise”

During these days you had the chance of working with our players, what were your impressions?

“I think that the technical levelof the players of the Stella Azzurra is really good, especially their physical form and when you add to those factors the great work that I've noticed in these days, the results always come back positive. One of the other really important aspects that the Stella Azzurra is working on is the recruitment, that enables them to always work with high level players.”