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Stellazzurra Academy's U16M & U15M on the podium of the int'l tournaments in Hungary and France: only Real Madrid stopped their winning race

Pubblicato il Lunedì 15 Febbraio 2016 - Tournaments and Experiences


The U16M and U15M Stellazzurra Academy teams finished on the podium at the international tournaments in Szekesfehervar, Hungary, and Mulhouse, France, both played in the middle of February: only Real Madrid stopped the winning race of our squads in both events.


At the Szent Istvan Cup in Hungary the U16 team coached by Lorenzo Gandolfi reached the 2nd place losing only the Final versus Real, after first round's “threepeat” over hosts David Kornel Academy (79-68), Bayern Munich (75-58) and Partizan Belgrade, the most exciting game of the 4-day lived on Hungarian soil, an overtime 102-96 win (Saverio Bartoli 25 points+4 steals, Melwin Pantzar 23+10 rebounds+9 fouls drawn, Paul Eboua 20+8 rebounds, Giovanni Ianelli 18 in 14'). Due to the last win against the Serbs, Stellazzurra gained the first place in the qualifying round and the direct qualification to the Final versus the Spaniards.


In the title game the “stellini” chased with double figures deficits in the first half, as the 11-pt deficit with which they went to the half time (38-49). But after the break they fell fully into the game also coming on 2-pt deficit with 4' left to play (69-71): there, the Real responded with a 2-9 break to bring the score to their own and clinch the victory in the tournament. Eboua closed the game as best scorer for the third time in 4 matches, 15+7 rebounds (5 offensives) for the Cameroonian in 29', Ianelli has followed him with 11 points in just 13', the 2.29mt-tall Robert Bobroczkyi the third “blackstarry” in double figures with 10+5 rebounds in 13' (4/5 FG, 2/4 FT), while at 9 points stopped both Bartoli (3/8 3-pt FG) and Pantzar, who finished with an all-around performarce of 15 rebounds, 5 steals and 6 assists for 27 efficiency. What he has done for Real Madrid Ngalamulume Heritier, who signed a 36-efficiency game with 16 points+17 rebounds+5 blocked shots+7 fouls drawn, while Mario Nakic was the leading scorer with 19 points (3/7 from the long distance).


Stellazzurra ended the 4-day ground Hungarians not only with the place of honor on the podium (of 8 participants) and three wins in four games, but also with the inclusion in the All-Tournament First Team of Pantzar and Eboua. In Day 1 the Cameroonian had also won the Slam Dunk Contest (in the pic, the sequence of one of his winning dunks).


In Mulhouse the U15 team has followed in second place on the podium at the last edition of the Kids Game Basket due to the success over SIG Strasbourg in the 3rd-4th Final in 2016 edition. Closed che qualifying round in second place with win versus Union Chalons-Reims (70-56) and defeats by JSF Nanterre (54-64) and HarlemLakers Amsterdam (58-61), the “stellini” earned a pass to the semifinals crearly beating the hosts ASSM Pfastatt to 50-29 in the quarter-final.


In the semifinals the challenge versus Real Madrid, with Lorenzo Donadio and teammates to stand up to the Spaniards before giving up only in the last 2 minutes of the game, which started at 35-38 and finished at 38-48 at the buzzer. Very good performance especially in defense, where Carducci's squad has limited physical dominance of Real despite being the third game in a single day. On the shields Gian Maria Bellucci and Djordje Pazin, the only blackstarry in double figures with 19 points. Then, in the consolation game, came 48-30 win over SIG Strasbourg, which delivered a deserved 3rd place (of 8 participants) to Stellazzurra Academy, forced to a real tour de force, even logistics, in the French Alsace with 6 games in three days, closed with a 3 wins-3 lost record in a tournament that has highlighted the good debut in “stellina” jersey of the Indian National U16 member Harsh Tomar.





Here you are the box scores of the two tournaments, listed in chronological order from first to last game played in each of them:





DAVID KORNEL: Takacs Ma. 8, Csernavolgyi 11, Balsay, Heinrich 18, Bertalan, Pavay 15, Takacs Mi. 10, Takacs A., Nagy Z. 4, Lukacs 3. N.e.: Nagy G., Nogradi.
STELLAZZURRA: Bartoli 6, Scimone, Panopio 10, Grillo M., Udom 6, Maronka, Eboua 25, Grgurovic 2, Pantzar 17, Rinaldi 12, Bobroczkyi. Head Coach: Gandolfi; assistant coach: Garcia A.


STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY - BAYERN MUNICH 75-58 (17-8, 39-26, 59-40)

STELLAZZURRA: Bartoli 8, Scimone 2, Panopio 6, Grillo M., Udom 7, Maronka, Ianelli 5, Eboua 18, Grgurovic 2, Pantzar 7, Rinaldi 8, Bobroczkyi 12. Head Coach: Gandolfi; assistant coach: Garcia A.
BAYERN: Barako 11, Harrmann 2, Winter 6, Bickley, Womala 6, Pulst 4, Focht 7, Huber-Saffer 2, Binapfl 4, Brazzi 7, Krebs 9. N.e.: Wagner. Head Coach: Bisselik.


STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY – PARTIZAN BELGRADE 102-96 OT (18-20, 38-49, 70-66, 87-87)

STELLAZZURRA: Pantzar 23, Eboua 20, Bartoli 25, Rinaldi 4, Grgurovic 2, Udom 4, Ianelli 18, Scimone, Panopio 3, Grillo M. 3, Bobroczkyi. N.e.: Maronka. Head Coach: Gandolfi; assistant coach: Garcia A.
PARTIZAN: Grujanic 4, Brekic 2, Bisevac 2, Bozinovic, Rutesic 21, Negovanovic 10, Isailovic 29, Tanaskovic 4, Culafic 24. N.e.: Ezim, Gasevic. Head Coach: Varagic.


1st-2nd Final

STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY – REAL MADRID 71-80 (15-26, 38-49, 58-62)

STELLAZZURRA: Panopio 7, Pantzar 9, Scimone, Bobroczkyi 10, Bartoli 9, Udom 2, Rinaldi 2, Ianelli 11, Eboua 15, Grgurovic 6. N.e.: Grillo M., Maronka. Head Coach: Gandolfi; assistant coach: Garcia A.
REAL MADRID: Garuba Alari 13, Tebo Otero 1, Queeley 13, Nakic 19, Ngalamulume 16, De Blas 3, Unanue Cegarra 4, Nosa Castillo 2, Sanchez Canete, Miska, Mendez Blanco 9. N.e.: Gonzales Longa. Head Coach: Llopis.






STELLAZZURRA: Pazin 32, Sarcina, Bellucci 6, Donadio 15, Geva 9, Grillo 4, Tomar 2, Buscarini 2, Ghirlanda, Gianni. Head Coach: Carducci; assistant coach: Silvestri.


JSF NANTERRE – STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY 64-54 (20-10, 34-31, 49-40)

STELLAZZURRA: Pazin 11, Donadio 23, Tomar 10, Bellucci 4, Grillo T. 3, Gianni 3, Sarcina, Ghirlanda, Buscarini, Marotta, Geva. Head Coach: Carducci; assistant coach: Silvestri.



STELLAZZURRA: Geva 9, Donadio 11, Grillo T. 6, Bellucci 3, Gianni, Tomar 6, Sarcina 2, Pazin 21, Ghirlanda, Buscarini Mi., Marotta. Head Coach: Carducci; assistant coach: Silvestri.



ASSM PFASTATT - STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY 29-50 (12-14, 20-25, 24-41)

STELLAZZURRA: Geva 2, Donadio 15, Grillo 4, Bellucci 5, Gianni, Tomar 9, Sarcina, Pazin 10, Ghirlanda 3, Buscarini Mi., Marotta 2. Head Coach: Carducci; assistant coach: Silvestri.



STELLAZZURRA ACADEMY - REAL MADRID 38-48 (13-7, 15-16, 19-33)

STELLAZZURRA: Geva 2, Donadio 6, Grillo, Bellucci 8, Gianni, Tomar 2, Sarcina 1, Pazin 19, Ghirlanda, Buscarini Mi., Marotta. Head Coach: Carducci; assistant coach: Silvestri.


3rd-4th Final

STELLAZZURRA: Geva, Donadio 20, Grillo T. 5, Bellucci 3, Gianni, Tomar 3, Sarcina 2, Pazin 13, Ghirlanda 2, Buscarini Mi., Marotta. Head Coach: Carducci; assistant coach: Silvestri.