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Great experience in Budapest for the Academy

Pubblicato il Lunedì 10 Marzo 2014 - Tournaments and Experiences

The Stellazzurra Basketball Academy U19 led by Coach D'Arcangeli has tangled over the weekend with Hungarian basketball in a series of difficult challenges. The Academists have dealt U23 and U18 formations of the Vasas Academy first in the beautiful and modern structures of the Vasas Basketball Academy, which is the best youth academy of Hungary. Later La Torre and his teammates played in Szekesfehervar on the field of the Alba Fehervar, the reigning team in Hungary which is currently playing in the Eurocup this season, where they faced the U23 of the Kornel David Academy, in a hard-fought challenge that ended only after one overtime. On the last day of the tour the Academists had to surrender in the end to the U23 of the Falco Szombathely


Falco Szombathely U23 - Stellazzurra Academy U19 71-60
Parziali: 12-14; 16-13; 23-21; 20-12 
Stellazzurra: Di Filippo, Radonjic 5, Sorrentino 3, Alibegovic 9, Antonaci, Ulaneo, Palsson 3, Forte 8, Gazineo, La Torre 14, Cucci 16, Maslinko 2. All: D'Arcangeli

David Kornel Academy U23 - Stellazzurra Academy U19 88-83 d1ts
Parziali: 27-17; 11-19; 17-15; 17-21; 16-11
Stellazzurra: Di Filippo 5, Radonjic 4; Sorrentino 3, Alibegovic 2, Antonaci, Ulaneo, Palsson 2, Forte 5, Gazineo, La Torre 23, Cucci 26, Maslinko 13. All: D'Arcangeli

Vasas Academy U18 - Stellazzurra Academy U19 52-63
Parziali: 17-15; 13-15; 10-16; 12-17
Stellazzurra: Di Filippo, Radonjic 1, Sorrentino 2, Alibegovic 15, Antonaci, Ulaneo, Palsson 7, Forte 4, Gazineo, La Torre 6, Cucci 16, Maslinko 12. All: D'Arcangeli

Vasas Academy U23 - Stellazzurra Academy U19 76-66
Parziali: 22-17; 19-17; 21-21; 14-11
Stellazzurra: Di Filippo 5, Radonjic 3, Sorrentino, Alibegovic 12, Antonaci, Ulaneo, Palsson 3, Forte 7, Gazineo 1, La Torre 13, Cucci 18, Maslinko 4. All: D'Arcangeli