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Stellazzurra Basketball Academy at Memorial Nicolas Lopez Gay in Valladolid, Spain

Pubblicato il Venerdì 19 Dicembre 2014 - Tournaments and Experiences


20th and 21 december the U18 team of Stellazzurra Basketball Academy will be engaged at the Memorial Nicolas Lopez Gay in Valladolid, Spain. The other teams that will take part at the tournament will be Estudiantes , Canarias Basketball and Zaragoza .

"Our team will be composed by many players of DNG - says coach Michele Catalani - who have already gained a good experience in their league and we will complete the team with other boys U17 category. That will be a great chance to improve our game confronting with other important teams. That will be a great technical opportunity too, because I'll can count on support of coach Marco Armellini, currently at Basket Grosseto who will stay with me in Valladalid Tournament.  Sincerely I don't know what kind of basket we will see, spanish way to play is changed a lot during last years, actually more tactical and slower, I think that we will find a different phisicality and intensity.  About our team I think that we will mantain the game we usually played till now, on wich we worked hard.  We'll have to be good to reach a good competitive level quickly. "

During the first day Stellazzurra will play against Estudiantes at 16.30. At 18.30 there will be instead the other match between Canarias Basketball and Zaragoza. During the morning of Sunday will be played the finals, the one for  3rd place and the 'GranFinal '.