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Fallucca and the Gold

Pubblicato il Mercoledì 7 Agosto 2013 - General News

Matteo Fallucca a few weeks ago has raised up to the sky the Under 20 European cup and in ten days will begin a new adventure in LegaDue Gold with Jesi:

A great triumph for the Italian basketball, what were your emotions and your feelings during this event?
Winning a gold medal at the Europeans, the day of my birthday, I think it's fantastic! Incredible emotions one after the other .. It was wonderful and unexpected. We are happy to have honored the national team, winning this historic medal
What has been the secret ingredient for this important result?
I think our main force was to be a real group, which in a national team is never easy to be, but it's been several years that for better or for worst we play together, we know each other, so it was not very difficult to create a good atmosphere within each others .. had we missed the team spirit, certainly we would not have achieved this great result
To whom do you spend this result?
Like all of the boys in the Under 20, I want to dedicate this gold medal to Mario Delle Cave, which surely would have been part of this group. I dedicate the victory to Germano D'Arcangeli and all the staff of the Stellazzurra, which after a difficult year helped me to "get back up", and finally to my family that was always around for me, always supported me and always helped me
What are your plans for the near future?
The near future? I'm about to face a new and intriguing season with Aurora Jesi, in LegaDue Gold ... What else is there to say? Im keeping my fingers crossed and I will give it my best, as always