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International Youth Basketball Tournament at Athens, RECAP

Pubblicato il Mercoledì 11 Marzo 2015 - Tournaments and Experiences




One win and two losses for both teams of Stellazzurra at the International Youth Basketball Tournament in Athens. 

After three days of intense basketball, boys of Stellazzurra Basketball Academy return to base with much experience gained and with a wealth of emotions that will certainly be useful during the  growth of these young athletes. The boys and girls, in addition to well-behave on and off the field, were able to fully enjoy the special atmosphere of this event.




The debut for the teams took place immediately against the hosts of ACS Athens. For girls came the defeat with a score of 52 to 39, but at the end of a match well played without awe due to age, the other teams were U17, and where the gap has grown mainly at the end.

The defeat at the debut came also for the guys who played great race anyway, energetic and explosive, leading early on and then undergoing the comeback but keeping alive the match until the end losing the final rush with a score of 60 to 56.



The second day started with girls of Stellazzurra against tue british of TASIS. The team coached by coach Campobasso obtained an important victory with the final score of 37 to 31. Just a low score that shows the defensive intensity fielded against opponents well equipped physically and the clereance in the management of the game especially in the closing phase.


The second race for the boys was to face the english players of TASIS. After the explosive debut of the first day, guys coached by coach Baiardo didn't  repeat the performance. TASIS took advantage by taking confidence in offensive phase, attacking well  even the 2-3 zone. The way to play of Stellazzurra rose in the second half of the match although the British were good at placing a further break in the final phase going to win 82 to 48.


The last match of the day for the girls was very complicated, against danish girls of SISU. The danish team is a very important team that look after the growth of young players and that in the past months had been already a guest at the facilities of the Stella Azzurra own in an intercultural exchange with the girls of Academy category U17 and U19. The final score of 90 to 20 for the danish does not show  enough the real significance of this experience for girls, that nevertheless had the opportunity to confront with a basketball very mature, and especially with those that are then were the winners of the tournament.

On the last match for the men did came the victory. In the evening the Stella Azzurra defeat the team of Lido di Roma. The match remained balanced throughout the second half and it was decided in the final possessions, when Stellini were good in the management taking home the victory.






On the final day were held then the Finals and given individual awards. For the women's tournament SISU has been the winner instead for men's tournament at the end ACS Athens wins. For the individual awards a very positive note came from individual shooting competitions where Lavinia Pace, captain of the U15, got the victory in the 3-point shooting, while Luna Franconi got winning the race from the free throw. At the end Elena Vella has been named between best players of the tournament.