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The man on fire coming from the land of Ice

Pubblicato il Sabato 10 Agosto 2013 -


The best players from the Under 16 Iceland National Team Kristinn Palsson (G, 6'5'', 1997) has already worn in two different occasions the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy's jersey in the last season: during the Winter Cup in Barcelona and for the Junior International Tournament in Lissone and in the next season he will be one of the key players for the U17 and U19 rosters

Where was your passion for basket raised?

In my hometown basketball is the main sport and all the kids start playing it early. Also my parents played basketball when I was young so I was a big fan of the game and I guess I was raised on it and it has been a real part of my youth.

Tell us in which way your story with Stellazzurra Basketball Academy started..

First of all they saw me playing with the national team and they invited me to play with the team in a tournament in Barcelona. After that they invited me to play again for them in an U19 JIT in Lissone which was very good tournament. Later on, Stellazzurra gave me the opportunity to play for them next season and I decided to jump for it and play for them the next season.

Why did you choose to join the Academy?

I decided to join the Stellazzurra Academy because I liked the club itself and the atmosphere there. The coaches and the staff are great and the talent in the team is very high.  The guys on the team are fun and fun to be around. Stella gives me the opportunity for a bigger stage and more exposure as a player compared to my hometown

What is the thing of Stellazzurra that impress you the most?

All the players are very talented and very strong physically. The players are all like brothers #wearefamilly which I like a lot.

What are your ambitions for the future? 

My dream has always been to play Division 1 college basketball in America and after that hopefully I can continue to play high level professional basketball. I need to work hard on and off the court in order to reach my goals, and I think Stella is the place that can help me reach them