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Great experience for the Academy in Istanbul

Pubblicato il Giovedì 28 Novembre 2013 -


Day 1
The tour in Turkey for the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy has begun today with the arrival in Istanbul and the double challenge with the Galatasaray . The setting is one of the best occasions : the new sports center where the Giallorossi soccer and basketball have in fact founded a small citadel of sport . The first to walk on the court is the Under 16 team ( formed from those born in 1999 and 1998 ) of coach Alessandro Nocera that after a superb start thanks to Trapani and especially Nikolic must give way to the Under17 Turks (born 1997/98 ) led by the three pointers of the national player Barutchoglu and the athleticism of Demirok . After the 10-17 advantage of the first quarter the Stellini get caught up and defeated by 73-53 .
Following up is the Stellazzurra Under17 coach D'Arcangeli (born 1997/98 ) against the Under19 Galatasaray (born 1995/96 ) . The start is in favour for the romans led by La Torre and Maslino that carry the team on a score of 8-14 at the first quarter . The dynamism and talent of the Arar makes the stellini catch up with the Galatasaray which at the end of the second quarter is ahead 33-26 . David Moretti continues his show (24 points for him ), supported by Sorrentino ( 39-38 at 3rd quarter ), but in the last quarter the Stellazzurra missed the shot for the -2 with less than 90 seconds and the counterattack led by Gokgen from the 8 meters line actually closes the match, which finishes 62-52 .
Tomorrow morning there will be another double challenge , with the Stellazzurra who will visit the Fenerbahce Ulker Istanbul, Turkey on the Asian side of the city .

Day 2
On the second day of the trip in Turkey the  Stellazzurra Basketball Academy visits the International Sports Arena in Istanbul, one of the finest sports facilities in the recent years and the current home of the Fanerbahce coached by  Zelimir Obradovic and all it's youth teams .
After the tour inside the magnificent facility , the first to play this morning are still the Under-16 of coach Nocera that ...  can not stop the dominance of the 1998's led by the hawkeyed turk Erol , and his counterpart of class 1999 of 209 cm under the basket that dominates the paint . The Stellazzurra  try to cling to Fedeli and Di Giovanni , but it's not enough despite a good endgame by Sikiras . The final score is 89-51 .
Afterwards it's up to the Under-17 of D' Arcangeli that are against the Under19 ,a team that in the last three years has won everywhere ( including the latest City of Rome). Even without Birsen ( benched in preparation for a match with the first team  ) the Fenerbahce remains impressive with players taller than 208cm .
The stellini start fine in a first half where La Torre and Palsson are the masters ( 26-32 at the end of the 2nd quarter ) . The phenomenon Ugurlu keeps afloat the hosts along with Olmaz but in addition to a Palsson that isn't missing , there are also Gazineo and Valentini and that even though they're smaller than their counterparts manage to win the aerial battle . It gets to the final sprint with the Stellazzurra that manages an amazing feat by beating the "senior team " a victory sealed with two shots by prodigy La Torre: final score is 63-67 .
In the evening, the Academy will be guest in this mega arena of 15 thousand seats to watch the championship game of the first team of Fenerbahce Ulker led by coach Obradovic .
Tomorrow is the last day with a  double challenge with Efes Pilsen .
These are the individual scores of this morning .

Day 3

it ended this afternoon, the three days in Istanbul for the Stellazzurra Basketball Academy. After watching last night the match of the Turkish Premier League between Fenerbahce and Turkish Turk Telekom , and having observed the magnificent Bosphorus Strait , the stellini visited the historic sports center Efes Pilsen this morning , a charming place created inside one of the most famous breweries in the world.
As usual, the first to play are the U16 of coach Nocera that immediately make it hard against the national Turkish champions of the Efes with the dribble penetrations of Nikolic and the 2 pointers of Moretti ( +9 Stellazzurra at the end of the first quarter). The hosts are supported by the guard Bïtim which is the only that manages to attack the stellini (27-30 at the 2nd quarter ) . In the third quarter, yet again the pair Nikolic - Sikiras aided by a tenacious Baldelli and 5 points in a row by Trapani bring the Stellazzurra ahead 38-45 at the end of the third quarter . At this point the Efes straightens it's aim from the three point line and the Stella fails to score : the Efes comes back and overtake them at the 33 minute mark and it's a 62-47 victory for the Turks .
Instead the U17 group of the Academy can do nothing against the  U19 of the Anadolu that is guided by the star player Korkmaz , and well supported by the whole team, easily wins the game with a 89-41 final score